Saloni Singh

Saloni is a self-taught illustrator based in India. She creates whimsical scenes with cute beings to talk about emotions of love, friendship, togetherness and sometimes, conflict. Her creations are colourful and imbibed with coziness, and everyday acts of care. She finds inspiration in tiny joys, like the aroma of simmering spices, the sunshine that envelops the flowers in spring, and evening walks on her dadaji’s small farm. Nostalgia is often at the core of the scenes she creates. The whimsicality of art enables her to express this nostalgia- whether it stems from her childhood, or from the desire for a life she seeks. With every work, Saloni creates a memory, to be held with all its colours and comfy vibes.

Saloni works in traditional as well as digital mediums. Her paintings often mix watercolours, gouache, pencils, and crayons. Her digital works are made mostly in Procreate on her trusty iPad.

Though Saloni majored in economics and business, she has always held a deep interest in sociology. When she isn't drawing, she reads, and writes stories. She enjoys tending to her little balcony garden, petting every cat in sight, watching anime, squirrel spotting by her window, and of course, drinking chai.

You can drop a line at to get in touch.

Saloni is represented by Lynnette Novak of The Seymour Agency.